Free KESS V2 K-Suite v2.32 v2.31 v2.30 and v2.28

Pay attention mates!

Here you can free download Ksuite 2.32, Ksuite 2.31, Ksuite 2.30 and Ksuite 2.28 software for KTAG clone and KESS V2 FW 4.036! ALL links are working, no dead links!


Without hardware, software is no sense! K-Suite 2.32 2.31 2.28 compatible interfaces all here:

KTAG FW 6.070 $79

KTAG KTM100 V2.13 FW 7.003 $359

KESS V2 V2.28 FW 4.036 Master (The cheapest hot sale) $89.99

KESS V2 Master V2.28 FW 4.036 $169


Note: Software shared below is tested OK individually, so enjoy at your own risk!




Free download Ksuite 2.32:


  1. Work for KTAG clone and KESS V2 firmware 4.036, unpack it to drive C, copy its Help folder inside and test.
  2. Ksuite 2.32 installation can refer to Ksuite 2.28!



Free download Ksuite 2.31 setup file:




Free download Ksuite 2.30:





Free download Ksuite 2.28:


  1. Just download RAR, unpack and put it in your ksuite folder
  2. Use Ksuite 2.28 without internet open


Nexiq 125032 USB Link vs. DPA5 Dearborn truck scanner

Here, we’re talking about differences and similarities of Bluetooth WiFi Nexiq USB Link and DPA5 Dearborn Protocol Adapter 5.


What is Nexiq?

Nexiq USB Link is a PC-to-vehicle heavy duty diagnostic interface compatible with multiple software applications, minimizing your investment in multiple, brand-specific diagnostic interfaces.


What is DPA5?

DPA5 refers to the Dearborn Protocol Adapter 5, a good choice for diagnosing and reprogramming heavy duty trucks, buses, construction, agriculture, military, and industrial stationary equipment.  The DPA 5 also has selective support for automotive vehicles.


Nexiq vs DPA5


Heavy duty diagnostic tool Nexiq USB Link DPA5 Dearborn


(contact http://www.obdii365.com/)

Price $269 $675 around
Bluetooth Yes, cheap Nexiq cannot support Bluetooth. No
Operation system Windows 2000,


Windows XP

Windows XP,


Windows 7 32-bit /64-bit,

windows CE compliant

OBDII diagnosis Yes Yes
Coding Yes, but only for CAT & Cummins Yes, but only for CAT & Cummins
Programming Yes, but only for CAT & Cummins


(find programming data yourself)

Yes, but only for CAT & Cummins


(find programming data yourself)

Hardware compatibility PDA, desktop PC or laptop PC, Pocket PC (PDA) or netbook (UMPC, also known as Ultra Mobile PC)
Software capability – Allison


– Bendix

– Detroit Diesel DDDL 7.05

– Detroit Diesel DDCT

– Detroit Diesel Calibration Tool

– Eaton Service Ranger 3.2

– International DLB

– International ICAP, IPTS, NETS, IPC

– International Master Diagnostic

– Meritor and Wabco Diagnostics

– Cummins Insite 7.5

– Hino 2.0.3.

– Caterpillar

– Perkins EST 2010B

– V Macks 2.6.12

– V Macks Dealer Pro

– Volvo VCADS 2.35.10

– Toyota Techstream

– Allison DOC? For PC-Service Tool


– Allison DOC For PC (AED)
– Allison DOC For Fleets (1000/2000)
– Allison DOC For Fleets (3000/4000)
– Bendix Acom
– Caterpillar  Electronic Technician  2010B
– Cummins Insite 7.5, inste 7.6
– Detroit Diesel Diagnostic Link  7.05
– Eaton ServiceRanger 3.2
– International ABS
– International DLB
– International Intune
– International IPC v2.02
– International – ServiceMAXX Fleet Pro
– Perkins EST Diagnostic Interface 2010

– Volvo Tech Tool 2.04
– VCADS /Elite Mack/Volvo  2.35
– V-MAC Service Tools

– ZF-Meritor TransSoft  / WABCO Toolbox

Protocols J1587 / J1708, J1939 / J2284 / CAN,





CAN – J1939/CAN125/CAN250/CAN500/CAN1000
2nd CAN – J1939/CAN125/CAN250/CAN500/CAN1000
J1587/J1708    J1850   J2534
ISO 15765 (Diagnostic CAN)
ISO 14230 (KWP2000 over ISO9141)


ALDL ATEC 160 (160 baud)

Vehicles supported: Trucks, trailers, buses, light commercial vehicles
Volvo Yes Yes
MACK Yes Yes
Navistar Yes Yes
International Yes Yes
Freightliner Yes Yes
SCANIA Will be available No
KOMATSU Will be available No
MAN Will be available No
Package list 1pc x VXTRUCKS V8 USB-Link


1pc x 6-pin/9-pin vehicle Y-adapter

1pc x 15’ USB cable

1pc x Configuration utility CD and manuals

1pc x Quick start reference guide

1pc x DG-DPA5-9OBDII_Volvo
1pc x DG-DPA5-VOLVO 8-pin
1pc x DG-DPA5-VOLVO 14-pin
1pc x DG-DPA5-3-pin_Deutsch
1pc x DG-OBDii-o-Cable
1pc x DG-DPA5-15 USB


In, summary,

Bluetooth Nexiq USB Link and DPA5 Dearborn also most share almost the same features/functions and vehicle coverage, but Nexiq is price competitively, much more cheaper than DPA5. Also, Nexiq USB Link is the NO.1 choice for heavy duty truck diagnosis; it’s the most populous truck diagnostic interface.


How to Set up Cummins Insite 8.1 Software on Win7-Win10

Free download Cummins Insite 8.2/ 8.1/ 7.6.2 on Mega and get how-to’s of Cummins Insite software installation, to use with Cummins Inline 6 data link, DPA5 Dearborn, NEXIQ USB Link, XTruck USB Linkfor truck diagnosis.
THE MOST IMPORTANT- a working Cummins insite crack or original
There are many links below to download Cummins Insite for free; but usually the software may come with unknown security coz never be tested by professionals, or expire after use for several days. For sake of safety, you had better use a tested version.
cummins insite 7.6 download: unknown security
Please send PM @timbruun in http://mhhauto.com/ for cummins insite password
cummins insite 7.6.2 download: unknown security
Please send PM @jb40 in http://mhhauto.com/ for cummins insite 7.6.2 keygen
cummins insite 8.1 download:
Cummins INSITE Pro Version: 100% tested, confirmed to work perfectly!
Cummins INSITE Lite Version: 100% tested, confirmed to work perfectly!
INSITE Software System Compatibility:
Windows 7 32-bit and 64-bit
Windows 8 32-bit and 64-bit
Windows 8.1 32-bit and 64-bit
Windows 10 32-bit and 64-bit
How to step by step install Cummins Insite 7.6.2:
1) Open the folder < Cummins InSite7.6.2 install>
2) open the autorun.exe
3) Here is Insite installation menu
4) go to manually install packages
5) install 7.6.2
6) go to upgrade insite on the dvd menu
7) let update manager find the updates off the dvd
which will update it just below sp5
change dropdown un update manager to find updates off internet and let it completely update
I think 7.6.1 has been removed off their site and 7.6.2 needs it
9) disable your antivirus program
10) Open the folder Cummins insite 7.x keygen (Cummins 7.x kg)
11) insert your PC-ID and get key for activation
12) .insert the activation key to run the software
How unlock the expired program Cummins inside:
Now you need to start to change the date on the computer,
set the date 1 january 2014 on your computer/notebook.
Then run the program INSITE. You will see a message about changing the date. Click OK.
Now you can see the PC-ID and Verificaton Code
for ex. see the picture:
Open the Cummins Date Unlock and set the same date 1 january 2014 and your PC-ID and Verification Code.
Click the Make Passwords!
Now you have the unlock password code.
Cummins Insite review of operation systems:
I have had it work on win10 home too but it quit working. I reformatted my drive tried to install insight and it says something is interrupting install. I am trying it on win10 pro.
I installed 7.6.0 and it worked fine, I then copied my entire Intelect folder from another computer that is running XP withinsite 7.6.2 to a flash drive and from the flash drive I moved the intelect folder to the computer that I am using windows 8.1 on. It worked fine for me after unlocking and applying the SP5 patch. I did the same to a computer using windows 10 with no issues.
I install version 7.6 of insite in Windows 10 without any problem, the following maner before giving double click the setup, then you give right- click and select properties select compatibility compatibility mode to win xp sevice pack 2 and ready the program began to install only have patience .
I’m running Ubuntu 15.10 with VirtualBox, and Win XP VM. INSITE works perfectly, and not one problem with the install. I have done it multiple times. Try running a VM with an older version of Windows. Just my two cents.
I have install all Insite, Jpro, DDDL, on win 8.1 then updated to win 10 all work fine on issue.
i got mine to work but had to set it as admin and run as windows 7.

Opcom Firmware V1.65 V1.7 VAUX-COM 120309a Installation

Opel diagnostic interface Opcom firmware V1.65 and V1.7 with real PIC18f458 chip are available at obdii365.com.


Software version: VAUX-COM 120309a (2010V and 2014V optional)
Operating system: Windows XP/Windows 7
Firmware: Opcom V1.59/V1.65/V1.7
Language: English


Opcom V1.65 PCB with dual-chip display:



Opcom V1.7 PCB (Single chip as OEM op-com) display:



VAUX-COM Win 7 install tips:
1) Never update opcom firmware/software.

2) Opcom 1.59, 1.65 and 1.7 software enjoy the same installation procedure
3) Run software as Administrator.


How to Install Opcom 1.59 1.65 1.7 VAUX-COM 120309a on Win7


1. Install setup
Open VAUX-COM_120309a software folder
Open and run VAUX-COM_120309a Application


Accept license agreement
Save file to certain folder

Click “Install” to install software

Installation progress, extracting file to C:/VAUX-COM-120309a+131223d file
2. Install Driver
Click “Extract” to extract FTDI CDM Drivers


Connect op-com cable with computer, system will install driver automatically

Windows 7 will detect USB driver software


Right click Computer>>Manage>>Device Manager>>Universal Serial Bus controllers>>USB Serial Converter to check if opcom driver is well installed


3.Configure VAUX-COM
Right click VAUX-COM120309A+131223d GB software on desktop, select “Run as Administrator”


Loader has been installed into target
Open VAUX-COM 2012V software
Click “Settings” option


Select Interface type: VAUX-COM Revision B, B+
Then click “Test Interface” button

Then software will display firmware version, interface test ended successfully
Press “Save Config” to save settings
Press “OK”
4.Diagnose with OCPOM
Connect Op-com cable with vehicle
Back to VAUX-COM main menu
Select “Diagnostics”
Select “Automatic Vehicle Identification”
Select “KWP-2000” and diagnostic connector
Open will auto detect and display vehicle information
Start to diagnose your vehicle.




Xhorse VVDI Prog V4.5.7 ECU Programmer Free on Mega

Original Xhorse VVDI Prog ecu programmer software released to V4.5.7 (2017-4-21)

Free Download VVDI Prog V4.5.7 Software


VVDI-Prog v4.5.7 Update Feature (2017-04-21)
* This version DON't need update
* Fix some bugs
version in Doc folder
* Fix some MC68HC(9)08 read error
* Fix PIC12F(16F) diagram error
+ Add TC1762-CAN,
TC1766-CAN options
+ Add STM8AF5179,
STM8AF5268, STM8AF5269, STM8AF5286, STM8AF5288, STM8AF5289, STM8AF528A, STM8AF52A6, STM8AF52A8, STM8AF52A9, STM8AF52AA, STM8AF6168, STM8AF6213, STM8AF6223, STM8AF6223A, STM8AF6246, STM8AF6248, STM8AF6266, STM8AF6268, STM8AF6269, STM8AF6286, STM8AF6288, STM8AF6289, STM8AF628A, STM8AF62A6, STM8AF62A8, STM8AF62A9, STM8AF62AA, STM8AL3136, STM8AL3138, STM8AL3146, STM8AL3148, STM8AL3166, STM8AL3168, STM8AL3188, STM8AL3189, STM8AL318A, STM8AL31E88, STM8AL31E89, STM8AL31E8A, STM8AL3LE88, STM8AL3LE89, STM8AL3LE8A, STM8AL3L46, STM8AL3L48, STM8AL3L66, STM8AL3L68, STM8AL3L88, STM8AL3L89, STM8AL3L8A, STM8L051F3, STM8L052C6, STM8L052R8, STM8L101F1, STM8L101F2, STM8L101F3, STM8L101G2, STM8L101G3, STM8L101K3, STM8L151C2, STM8L151C3, STM8L151C4, STM8L151C6, STM8L151C8, STM8L151F2, STM8L151F3, STM8L151G2, STM8L151G3, STM8L151G4, STM8L151G6, STM8L151K2, STM8L151K3, STM8L151K4, STM8L151K6, STM8L151M8, STM8L151R6, STM8L151R8, STM8L152C4, STM8L152C6, STM8L152C8, STM8L152K4, STM8L152K6, STM8L152K8, STM8L152M8, STM8L152R6, STM8L152R8, STM8L162R8, STM8L162M8, STM8S003F3, STM8S003K3, STM8S003C6, STM8S003K6, STM8S007C8, STM8S103F2, STM8S103F3, STM8S103K3, STM8L105C4, STM8L105C6, STM8L105K4, STM8L105K6, STM8L105S4, STM8L105S6, STM8S207C6, STM8S207CB, STM8S207K6, STM8S207K8, STM8S207M8, STM8S207MB, STM8S207R6, STM8S207R8, STM8S207RB, STM8S207S6, STM8S207S8, STM8S208C6, STM8S208C8, STM8S208MB, STM8S208R8, STM8S208RB, STM8S903F, STM8S903K options 
in <2-MCU>-><ST-STM8> 
+ Add ME17.9.11.1(TC1762) option
in <3-ECU>-><KIA> 
+ Add MED17.1(TC1766) option
+ Add EIS-W639(1J35D),
EIS-W639(4J74Y) options
+ Add JIEFANG-J6-HCS300 option
* Change JIEFANG-J6-BCM option
(Support up to 5 remotes)
+ Add SENOVA-D60 option
+ Add EADO option
+ Add TRUMPCHI-GS4 option

DIY Flash and Update BMW ECU by WinKFP software

This is the user guide of how to update or flash a BMM ECU using WinKFP via a INPA K+DCAN cable ( some also called it ICOM cable).
First, the tools
If you want to update your car yourself in to easiest way possible…you’ll need:
– A powerful laptop
– Download and install ISTA-P
(standalone links available all over net; if you wanna use a tested version with safety, go to a online shop to buy it- http://www.obdii365.com/wholesale/v201703-bmw-icom-software.html it’s a good man of his word to trust in)
– A cable; that is an ICOM cable
(If you want to update CAS then k+dcan cable is enough.)
– At least a 50a power supply, better 70a, to keep car at 13.8v while updating modules.
– Time. Depending on what modules you’ll have the update will take several hours.
Next, preparation for ECU update
You need to import all sp-daten files to WINKFP. Files preparation is the important thing first.
Then you need to have extra power supply connected to your battery.
After this you are ready to flash your ECU. CAS should be updated without key in slot (ignition off).
If you didn’t do it before you should be really careful, it’s easy to brick module.
Finally, update ECU with WinKFP
  1. configure
  1. start
  1. options
  1. ecu selection
  1. enter vin
  1. programming
  1. confirm update
Winkfp update a bmw ecu successfully!
Alternatively, go to dealer, whinge about a problem and suggest a software update…
Or the hard way. As above, but use winkfp with a download set of daten files (google for links). Use comfort mode in winkfp to update modules then code to default after with ncs expert…

DIY Make Toyota Techstream Honda HDS work with VAS5054A

Here is a customer solution to make Toyota Techstream 10.30.029 & Honda HDS 3.016.033 work with vas 5054a interface. Good luck!


First, free download different Techstream and HDS installation Kitshttps://mega.nz/#F!5wQ0UDJJ!BFnI-KgJurqgceVUe5wweQ

Inside you will find different versions for XP and Windows 7 for Techstream and Honda HDS
Part 1: How to get VAS 5054A to work with Toyota Techstream 10.30.029

VAS5054A with Toyota Techstream as Passthru

Install Techstream
Install PassThru drivers for VAS 5054
Connect head to PC and 12V.
Open Techstream and configure interface.


Part 2: How to get VAS5054A to work with Honda HDS 3.016.033

Test HDS (Honda Diagnostic System) maybe will work also 🙂

1. Install your VAS5054A passthru driver.

2. Download download and install now the Honda HDS

3. Finish your installation…

4. Connect VAS5054A to PC and 12V(car or on bench)

5. Load your HDS > click on the famous F12 button and choose your VAS5054A Head.

6. Connect your VAS 5054A to the car then to your laptop & start your work…


ps. VAS 5054a do see VCI when loading techstream/HDS?

I installed passthru driver windows 7 x32.
But the driver , it seems to me , do not see the VCI.
This VAS 5054A clone Bluetooth interface works with ODIS S and ODIS-E properly





Problem solved.
1. Install D-PDU_API V1.20.23 FW 2.20.23
2. Re-install SAEJ2534-1 for VAS 5054A Version
3. Re-configure VAS5054A with serial number

And all works, now only test OK.

The problem was the serial number bad configured , all 5054a clones have 082145725. It is risky to configure the adapter.

vas-5054a-see-vci-1 vas-5054a-see-vci-2

BTW, Techstreeam work on ford vcm2 and gm mdi multiple interface like a charm, not need to do any change on the J2534 interface!!!

Credit to Fantomel


Volvo VOCOM troubleshoot Renault Magnum EURO 3

Do you know you can use a $500 Volvo VOCOM Interface instead of a $4,000 Renault NG10 to fully diagnose Renault truck? MUCH cheaper solution!

Below Volvo VOCOM diagnose Renault Magnum 2004 as an example!


Two Volvo VOCOM interfaces available for choosing:

Volvo VOCOM 88890300 for Volvo/Renault/UD/Mack Truck with PTT 2.03.20 $539


Volvo VCADS VOCOM 88890300 for Volvo/Renault/UD/Mack Truck with PTT 2.03.20 $449


Note: Both share same PCB board and same functions. They are difference only in appearance.


Tip: In this case, you use Renault NG3 NG10 Renault Diagnostic, so need 200USD for additional cost.


Volvo VOCOM adapter diagnoses Renault Magnum EURO 3 review:

Connect Volvo VOCOM interface with Renault Magnum using the 12 pin cable.

Open Renault Diagnostic software, click the right truck icon to choose truck model “Magnum”.

Now you can see Volvo VOCOM Renault Magnum main menu as below:


You can diagnose many truck modules like: Engine, Brake, Powertrain, Suspension, Heating/Air conditioning, Speed limiter and Cabin.


In this case, first go to Powertrain system and select “As-Tronic” gearbox ECU.


Turn on ignition. You can see vehicle information listed as below:


Click “Defects present” to check which part get wrong now.


It clearly shows you the EBS system has error. And you can know what exactly the error is and the error solution.



Choose “Defects in memory” and you can see which parts once got wrong.


Go back to choose “Diagnostic” and “Visualization”, you can view truck real-time status.

Input status: Engine speed, gearbox input/output speed, vehicle speed, battery voltage, ECU temperature, oil temperature, air pressure, etc.



Output status: Clutch closing percentage, clutch position, clutch status, etc.


Gearbox actuators engaged.


General visualization allows you to view full system status.


VOLVO VOCOM also allows you to program specific customer parameters for Renault Magnum!


blog.obdii365.com all rights reserved, original post Why Volvo VOCOM replace $4000 Renault NG10 for Renault truck?

How to Install latest VAG VAS 5054A ODIS 4.0.0 on Windows 7

How to install VAS 5054A ODIS 4.0.0 on Windows 10, windows 8, windows 7, window xp? Here came out the test report of crack ODIS 4.0.0 system requirement and Bluetooth vas504a with OKI chip vag diagnostic tool compatibility, also with odis 4.0.0 reviews and FAQs, released by Obdii365.com.


ODIS 4.0.0 system requirement report:

VAS 5054A ODIS 4.0.0 Windows 7 32bit………..CONFIRMED!

Odis 4.0.0 Windows 10………………………..need luck!

Odis 4.0.0 Windows 8………………………..need luck!

Odis 4.0.0 Windows 7 64 bit………………..need luck!

Odis 4.0.0 Windows XP………………………..need luck!


ODIS 4.0.0 & VAS 5054A test report:


sp33-b VAS 5054A ODIS……………WORKED



sp33-d…………….NOT worked

sp33-c…………….NOT worked



ODIS 4.0.0 download:

Odis 4.0.0 download on Mega

new ODIS-S 4.0.0 ONLY no launcher

ODIS 4.0 + Postsetup +launcher + Keygen+ licence.rar

ODIS 4.0.0 torrent without password


(Recommend!!) download ODIS 4.0.0: tested working 100% : via http://www.obdii365.com/



How to install VAS 5054A ODIS 4.0.0 on Windows 7 32 bit?

Open odis 4.0.0 disk E:

Copy all the files (odis 4.0.0.part1-odis 4.0.0.part17)

Paste them in on a new folder established in local disk D:


Extract the rar file

Open Computer/D:/odis4.0/ODIS 4.0.0

Open OffboardDiagSetup-Service application

Select language


Click on OK

Next to begin installation of Offboard Diagnostic Information System Service 4.0.0



License file selection- search: license.dat



Installing odis…

Trust the software and install

Finish ODIS 4.0.0 installation


No need restart the computer now


Open Computer/D:/odis4.0/ODIS 4.0.0/regedit ODIS 4.0.0/Volkswagen

Copy OffboardDiagLauncher application

Open Offboard Diagnostic Information System Properties on Desktop

Open file location: C:/Program files/Offboard_Diagnostic_Information_System_Service

Paste, copy and replace the existed file


Open Computer/D:/odis4.0/ODIS 4.0.0/Windows6.1-KN3033929-x86

Click on Yes to install Windows software update (KB3033929)


Installation complete


Restart now!


Run Offboard Diagnostic Information System on Desktop

Run ODIS as administrator

Open Computer/D:/odis4.0/ODIS 4.0.0/regedit ODIS 4.0.0/Volkswagen

Run KEY application

Copy the Hardware ID in odis to generate the registration key


Then copy the the registration key to odis to register


In Offboard Diagnostic Information System Postsetup

Select local directory: disk D:/odis4.0/ODIS 4.0.0/postsetup

Enter user name: abc, keyword: abc


Select the Postsetup language:: Here: English (US)


Postsetup update result



Downloading files…

Then go to diagnosis


Read the Warnings/notes, then OK

Then end ODIS


Prompt: installing device driver software

Prompt: vas5054 device driver software installed successfully


Go to computer management

Select device manager->softing vehicle interface->vas5054



Again, open Offboard Diagnostic Information System on Desktop

Cancel to open a file

Release notes: OK

Read the Warnings/notes, then OK

Click on Starting diagnosis


Check ignition ON, continue

Select a vehicle: volkswagen 3c passat 2007 (7) sedan engine: bsf 1.6l simos/75kw


Vas 5054a odis 4.0.0 read fault codes of 3c passat 2007 (7)






This is the how-to’s of vas 5054 odis 4.0.0 customer installation:

If you want to use only one brand:
1. Install OffboardDiagSetup-Service_VWMCD_4_0_0-B40_5_0_1
2. When asking for licence, use licence provided in 1st post (Audi, VW or SK). The licence you use will determine what car brand your ODIS will cover.
3. After install, reboot
4. Replace ODIS launcher with the one provided
5. Run the launcher, copy the hardware ID. close it.
6. run the keygen, create your key from the Hardware ID, (I personnaly ticked “Executions” and input “1000” so I can run it 1000 times before the licence expires.
7. Run ODIS launcher AS ADMINISTATOR, paste your key.
8. ODIS will launch and ask for post setup.
9. UNZIP post setup archive and point ODIS to your UNZIP folder.
10. Enjoy.

If you want to use multiple brands:
1. Install OffboardDiagSetup-Service_VWMCD_4_0_0-B40_5_0_1
2. When asking for licence, use licence provided in 1st post (Audi, VW or SK). The licence you use will determine what car brand your ODIS will cover.
3. After install, reboot
4. Replace ODIS launcher with the one provided
5. Run the launcher, copy the hardware ID. close it.
6. run the keygen, create your key from the Hardware ID, (I personnaly ticked “Executions” and input “1000” so I can run it 1000 times before the licence expires.
7. Run ODIS launcher AS ADMINISTATOR, paste your key.
8. ODIS will launch and ask for post setup… close the program.
9. Rename ODIS installation folder (example ….. AU or ….. VW)
10. Change your desktop shortcut
12. UNZIP post setup archive and point ODIS to your UNZIP folder.
13. Repeat for each brand
14. Enjoy.



ODIS 4.0.0 officially released notes:

This release contains new features and bug fixes.
New functions
 Support for Windows 10 operating system
 Performance optimization in the diagnostic entry
 Detection of the VAS 6154 via subnets
 Support for non-converging measurements in the GFF
 Integration of the brand Bugatti
 Deviation in the EcuCom job for “ECU coding” KWP2000
 ODIS installation error message – Could not call proc – Actia PDU API
 Flashing with large data container, flash session is not started
 Fuel system can not be vented // Level not readable
 Flash abort ERROR PROGRAMMING at Audi A1 Bremse (TPI 2033217/3)
 ODIS crashed when switching from USB to Bluetooth
 Bluetooth connection type: No new connection was established after the diagnostic test was again within range of the VAS5054A.
 Crash at application start
 Update to 3.0.2 fails with ODS4010E: UpdateProcess failed with 11
 Query error memory hangs: “Read control units (33%)”
 Connection setup when changing from Bluetooth to USB takes too long

 Authentication problem in WLAN infrastructure mode with RADIUS server
 VAS 6154 is searched for on the wrong interface after completion of the diagnostic session
 ODIS service SingleBuild installation, setup message “Runtime Error” for recovered testers
 DA_14 in the AU48X DSD not possible
 VCI 5054 Connection termination for Windows user change
 ODIS Interface texts: German texts have been deleted from the XML files (vaudas.texts)
 ODIS Service does not display the version of the diagnostic data for MAN in the correct format.
 Calibration instruction must be adjusted
 Buttons are displayed partially in the wrong language (German instead of English).
 The symbol of the status icon changes with the ODIS close
 Buttons to start the JRC and choose your own exam is missing
 The date in disclaimer with EN-US language is not displayed correctly
 In the installation dialog, the language en_US is displayed twice
 Speech caseback leads to corrupt feedback file (invalides XML)
 Vehicle project VW VIN can not be opened // ODS8003E Execution in system state PROJECT_OPENED not possible.
 VCI-Number on DISS-protocol
Vehicle restrictions
 For brand AUDI, the Flash mode is supported.
 For brand Volkswagen PKW, the Flash mode is only partly supported. The usage is only allowed if described in TPI.
 For all other brands, Flash mode is restricted.
Supported Vehicles
All supported vehicles are listed below.
Supported AUDI-Models
 All AUDI-Models are supported.
Supported Volkswagen-Models
 All Volkswagen-Models are supported.
Supported Volkswagen Nutzfahrzeuge-Models
 All Volkswagen Nutzfahrzeuge-Models are supported.
 Only immobilizer components in LT2 vehicles can be diagnosed.
Supported Seat-Models
 All Seat-Models are supported.
Supported Skoda-Models
 All Skoda-Models are supported.
Supported Bentley-Models
 All Bentley-Models are supported.
Supported Lamborghini-



ODIS 4.0.0 reviews from vas5054a users:

– for me i got it working vw and audi ,just used 2 difrent pc’s but i got it working by running launcher in xp service pack3 compatibilty mode and as administrator this is on my Win7 64bit.
did not test it yet but audi and vw is running will see later if it actualy works but so far so good


– I can make online programming


– All online functions​ needs a valid subscription


– Do not use the idiotic Windows 8 or 10 and install under Windows 7 64bit 


– Running on win7 as admin.


Win 7 need to use.


– I have ODIS-S 4.0.0 and ODIS-E 6.7.5 all marks in one license



Vas 5054a odis 4.0.0 FAQ:

Here are frequently asked and questions of odis 4.0.0.

– Anyone knows if the post setup are different for USA and euro market ?

– The PS is different for Eu vs. Usa since Odis v3.x.x


– I tried several times to include multiple brands. It looks as licensing is the problem and post-setup update is not picking up brands other than the one that is licensed. 

– To fix the license issue you need to go into the installation directory and open license location with notepad++ and make the change like you did to the installation directory for e.g. (…… AU or ……. VW)

or just use X-COPY and make a single starter file with choices.

blog.obdii365.com all rights reserved, original post How to Install VAS 5054A ODIS 4.0.0 on Win 10 Win 8 Win 7 Win XP

How to Install I-2016 Actia Multi-diag J2534 step by step

Latest version ACTIA clone Multi-Diag Access J2534 Pass-Thru OBD2 device V2016.01 software has released in obdii365.com. The new I-2016 Multi-diag software does not require activation.
Software Version: I-2016
Multi-language: English/ Spanish/ German/ French/ Italian/ Portuguese/ Bulgarian/ Croatian/ Czech/ Danish/ Dutch/ Finnish/ Hebrew/ Hungarian/ Polish/ Romanian/ Russian/ Serbian/ Slovenian/ Swedish/ Turkish
Operating system: Windows XP/Windows 7 32bit
Software activation Notice: Must disconnect network when installing the software!!!

How to Install V2016.1 Multi-diag Access J2534 software?

Step 1: Install Multidiag J2534 Setup
Open software CD
Copy SN (Serial Number) key pad to desktop
Run setup
Click on Next
Accept the license agreement
Click Next
Multi-diag will require you to enter VCI serial number, open key pad and paste SN here-033918
click on Next
Select setup language
Select setup type
Profile ACTIA (Standard)
click on Next
Installing MSVisual C++, setup, driver in progress
This will generate Multi-diag shortcut on desktop
Select Yes. I want to restart my computer now. Click on Finish
Step 2: Install Multi-diag J2534 Pass thru USB driver
Connect Multi-diag access J2534 pass-thru with computer
Select Install the software automatically (Recommended)
Click on Next
Searching Pass Thru USB driver
Found new hardware wizard. click on Finish
Go to My computer->Manager->Device Manager->I+ME ACTIA XS Device->Pass Thru+xs USB driver TO MAKE SURE WELL CONNECTION IS BUILT
Step 3: Communication interface update
Open Multi-diag software on desktop
Select Multi-diag
Select model year and module, i.e VW->PASSAT VI (2005-2011) Engine system-VAG diagnostics
Communication interface update
Accept the warning by click tick icon
The vehicle communication card cannot be reached,confirm to try again, Cancel to ignore, click tick icon
Check Pass Thru+xs USB driver then if it pops again, click No icon
If multi-diag warns AWFInterpreter Security ERROR, click on Tick button
Communication interface update.
Error while downloading the VCI. Check that it is connected to the tool and to the vehicle,click tick icon
Go back to software vehicle selection menu
click on Car icon, turn on the key
Step 4: Install Pass-thru driver
Only when you install Pass-thru driver can you test the car
Select install from a list or specific location (Advanced),click on Next
Save driver to C:/ACTIA/Drivers VCI/PT1G
click on Next
USB passthru driver installation complete. Click on Finish
Check driver  installed and multi-diag diagnostic scanner interface connected with both computer and vehicle by selecting Manager->Device Manager->PC–******->ACTIA USB Devices->USB PassThru Driver
Detect vehicle VIN and vehicle protocol, now you can start test

BMW Carfoft 6.5 E46 Diagnosis and Programming Feedback

Finally, after 3 months of experimenting, copying and deleting files, computer hard drive purging and reprogramming, I have succeeded in making BMW Carsoft 6.5 SP1 work with my E36!
I can now conduct diagnostics and read live data and have access to all of those nice little extras like door lock programming etc..


I can view O2 sensor readings, timing, vanos advance, rpm, coolant temperature, airflow, injector signals etc. all using the 20 pin connector under the hood. OBD2 was not adopted as a standard on Australian cars until recently.


BUT I tried unlocking the OBC and running a diagnostic with it unlocked – no change in the number of modules accessible. The only modules I have not been able to access are the LCM (this information – VIN number, distance travelled since last service etc is available on my car by running a cluster test), EWS (I don’t have an alarm fitted) and ABS/ASC. For the cost of the interface, it is still the best value around as I can diagnose and reset DME, Aibag, ZKE, EGS and Instrument cluster fault codes as well as initiating autolocking options, changing between display units (temp in F or C, distance in miles or kilometres etc.), viewing live data and resetting service and oil change intervals.



I am using the 20 pin diagnostic port under the hood as my vehicle does not have an OBDII port. And the interface is marked “BMW compatible interface V6.5” and has LED’s for Power, Service Interval, K-Line Pin 20, K-Line Pin 17 and L-Line Pin 15.


I purchased Carsoft 6.5 from a vendor off http://www.obdii365.com/wholesale/bmw-carsoft-65-1062.html and downloaded SP1 direct from the Carsoft Web site.



The final tip-

Carsoft v6.5 was only designed to work with cars built before April 2004. Later versions (i.e. after v7.0) require a security dongle to work at all – I won’t go through my thoughts on the later versions here, but there are lots of better options available. The software is 32 bit and requires a true serial port to work correctly – as virtually every copy of v6.5 software I have ever seen is a pirated version, the functionality varies from zero to 100%. The only way I can imagine you installing this software successfully on a 64 bit system, would be to install it to run in compatibility mode for Windows XP SP3. You need to install Carsoft v6.5.0, then SP1, which will update the software to v6.5.06.
Personally for the amount of functionality you will get from the software, I would suggest using your Carsoft interface as a wheel chock. If you want a computer based diagnostic software solution, consider purchasing either an ADS/OBD (199*-2006) or inpa K+DCAN cable (2000 – 2010) and using INPA (and/or DIS) or ISTA/D (DIAGNOSTICS only). For a wireless solution, look at BMW Icom a2 which will do good at diagnostics, coding and programming. ICOM A2 will give the fullest model coverage: old and new cars (up to the 2017 year).


How to Activate BMW F45 F46 Cruise Control though VO Coding

Once you have your BMW Cruise Control switch physically installed, you will need to enable your Cruise Control feature in your car through “VO coding”.


Note that the procedure is also applicable to enable “Enhanced Bluetooth” feature or other VO code procedure. The modules that are required to be coded will be different though. For example, “Enhanced Bluetooth” will require HU_ENTRYNAV module only.

1) Start your BMW ENET cable E-Sys coding software for F-series, Click “Read” button and then “Active FA”:
VO Code 1

2)  Go to “SALAPA-Element” and right click and select “Edit”:
VO Code 2
3) Add the value “544,” into the SALAPA-Element and click the save button on the right as highlighted.
VO Code 3
4)  Click the “save” button to save the file into a XML file with your desired file name.
VO Code 4
5) Go to “VCM” section and load the same XML file that you had saved.
VO Code 5
6) Right click “calculate FP” and you will see the E-sys software Vehicle Profile generated.
VO Code 5VO Code 6

7) Click the “Write FA FP” button once you are satisfied with your settings which will writes into your ECU memory.

VO Code 7


8) To enable Cruise Control for F45/F46/F48, you will need to VO code these 4 modules for F45/F46/ F48:




4) DSC2

9) Go to “Coding” section, click “Read ECU” button on the right and then right click on the above-mentioned modules and select “Code”. This will enable the settings required for your Cruise Control. Note that the engine need not be switched off for this operation to work successfully.

10) Test your Cruise Control switch to ensure that it has been enabled successfully.


BMW ENET E-sys 3.26.1 Update BMW NBT 2017-1 Map

This is about how to update BMW NBT map to 2017.01 version, at a low cost (within $20), using anBMW ENET cable bmw and E-sys v3.26.1. Here, i would like to update NBT maps for the BMW F22.
After doing a bit of research on the bmw forums, there is a ton of good information already out there.
Materials required for process:
#1 You need 20xx-xx *Insert_Country_Here* NEXT Maps (you confirm this from iDrive that your car is indeed running that region, and the map type is NEXT). Different head units use different maps, and they are not cross-compatible, PREMIUM, MOVE, NEXT, etc..
  1. You will also want at-least a 32Gb flash drive to hold the update files formatted as FAT32. It is essentially three Dual-Layer DVD’s worth of Data. You can use three 8Gb drives, but I’ve read some people running into problems with specific brands that format below the minimum.
  1. You need an FSC Activation Code. This is gone about two ways, either you pay someone with BMW Internal Portal access to your VIN’s 1B/DE File, and they can generate it. Or you have a proper ENET cable, and E-SYS and you can retrieve the 1B/DE File, and generate it use the available tools. There is another set of tools called FSC Generator/SWID Reader, but they are only compatible with 32-bit Windows. FSC.exe is not equal to NBT.exe !! NBT is for NEXT, FSC is for old versions.
the NBT.exe file for the process
  1. You need an ENET cable, I had one so I chose to try the E-SYS Route.
Don’t pay more than $20 for one, Make sure he is a good seller with 99%+ feedback and over 1000 positive feedback ratings
  1. You need a working version of E-SYS, connect to your car as normal.
E-sys 3.23.4 (100% working)
How to get FSC codes with E-sys software:
  1. Open E-Sys and select “Expert Mode” on Left Side
  1. Now go to FSC Extended mode. “FSC Extended”
  1. Enter Diagnostic Address 0x63
  2. Click Identify
  3. The Base variant should show “HU_NBT”
  4. Enter Application ID 0xDE (for NBT)
  5. Enter Upgrade Index 0x1
  6. Click on Store FSC in the list, and move it to the right by clicking the -> button
  7. Click Read
  8. Click Save and store the file as DE.fsc
  1. Open up a command prompt window and execute as follows
11a. 2016-1 nbt.exe DE.fsc 0xA8 0x08 <7DIGITVIN>
11b. 2016-2 nbt.exe DE.fsc 0xA8 0x27 <7DIGITVIN>
11c. 2017-1 nbt.exe DE.fsc 0xA8 0x28 <7DIGITVIN>
(A new revelation on this command, you can exclude the 7 Digit VIN option and still produce the same resulting FSC code) Cool trick!
This will output your FSC Activation Code for the upgrade!
Keep in mind this FSC Activation Code is only good with this Region/Year set of Navigation Updates. You will need a new one every time you perform a new update.
The update process is very straight forward and simple:
  1. Copy the files onto your 32Gb USB Drive
  2. Turn car on and Insert USB Drive into USB port under your arm rest
  3. Car should recognize the USB Drive and notice it’s a nav update
  1. Once you decide to continue it will ask to enter the FSC code, use your iDrive controller to enter this long ass code
You may get it wrong first.
But try again and write it down clearly
  1. Reap the benefits of an updated navigation system on your BMW. IE. Not getting lost as much, or routed in circles on unknown areas
Also you can always check the status in iDrive by Navigation, and click Options (bottom/right on idrive)



Pinout to Motorola MC68HC05B6 with UPA USB v1.3

Motorola MC68HC05B6 reading manual for you all… I have a good experience of successfully reading Motorola MC68HC05B6 with  UPA USB programmer


I read Motorola ( MC68HC05B6 ) with UPA, the circuit works perfect



image circuit



DB-9 cable pull the UPA USB v1.3 programmer and number them.

When reading the original clock circuit board is used




To read MC68HC05B6, it’s very important to get a high-quality UPA programmer, which would guarantee the work going smoothly.


I’m using UPA from this site:


It’s UPA usb programmer full version, 2014 version, costs $99, so far working no issues.


Have fun!

Good luck with MC68HC05B6  reading by china clones!


How to Set up Fgtech Galletto V54 master on Windows 7

Here is the customer final solution for the Fgtech Galletto 4 V54 master ecu tuning kit installation with windows 7

Install FGTech Galletto V54 correctly with Windows 7

Hello, I would like to explain to you step by step how to install your FGTech V54 correctly with Windows 7. To do this, you must first uninstall the already installed software and the drivers. Then we start with step:

1. Run "FGTech Galletto Edited v1.0.exe" as an administrator. Important: Do not create a desktop icon and run the program yet.

2. Next, connect the Galletto device to the power supply and then connect it via USB. The automatic driver installation fails. But do not worry, the installation is done manually.

3. Right-click on the "Computer" icon and select "Manage". As soon as the window opens, click on Device management and select the USB port "FGTech". Here you have to click "Update driver software". And then click "Browse the computer for driver software", then "Select from a list of device drivers on the computer", then "Have Disk" and "Browse".

4. Now look for the folder of "FGTech" on drive C. Here you open the folder "fgtech_new_driver" and select the following file: "fgtibus.inf"! Confirm everything, wait for the installation, and close all windows.

5. Run "FGTech Galletto Edited v1.0.exe" again as an administrator. Important: Do not create a desktop icon and run the program yet.

6. Run "Galletto win7.exe" as administrator. Create and install the desktop icon. If the installation is complete, start the program as an administrator.

7. Ignore the next two windows with hints and confirm with OK.